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In this article, you have learned how to change the datetime formate to string/object in pandas using pandas.to_datetime(), pandas.Series.dt.strftime(), and lambda function with examples also learn how to change multiple selected columns from list and all date columns from datetime to string type. Happy Learning !!.

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Python converting a string to datetime yyyy-mm-dd How to convert a string to timestamp in Python Here, we can see how to convert a string into timestamp in Python. In this example, I have imported a module called datetime and assigned an input string as a date and the strptime string is used to get the time in the format.

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One of the very helpful methods that we can use within the datetime module is the strptime method that allows us to convert a string to a date (or in our case, a datetime ). The method looks like this: datetime.strptime(date_string=, format=) The date_string is the string that holds what we want to convert. the format contains the format of the.

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