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Bold Italics = Sukuna’s thoughts. Characters: Sukuna Ryomen, You (aka. Reader), Lady Akari - a generic maniac character. Form: Prologue - multiple chapters. Word count: 1487 words. Warnings: Gore, slight torture, character death, lots of character death Cannibalism etc. Originally posted by mah1to. You hadn’t known why you were taken - nor.

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2021. 1. 15. · Thousand Years of Love and Hate [Ryomen Sukuna x Reader] Ryomen Sukuna, the terrible sadistic demon was betrayed by someone he loved. His hatred lived through a thousand years. Now that he was revived, he'll go through his plan and this time, no woman could get in the way. But what if a quarter of the soul of the one who betrayed him managed to.

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Ryomen Sukuna in Nihon Shoki has 8 arms and legs in total and has two faces on both front and back. The kanji character RYO means "both side" and MEN means a mask or a face, so the word RYOMEN indicates his two faces. He battled with two swords and two sets of bow and arrows. I guess the real Ryomen Sukuna > was a local hero, but he went against the emperor and.

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